I am Lotta Alhonnoro, 38 years old researcher and current member of the Vaasa City Council and the City Board. Further, I have the privilege to enhance well-being in Vaasa as the vice-chair for the City Board’s wellbeing section and the chair for the Multicultural Council in Vaasa.


I am a Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), I defended my dissertation on food waste and currently work at the University of Vaasa in the School of Technology and Innovations. I am the chair of the Greens in the Vaasa electoral district and take part in the board of the Greens in Finland. 


In 2017-2018, I acted as the Vice President of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers. I have been active in the Greens on the local and national levels for a decade. I have two children and we also have a dog in our family. I have always loved to do sports and try out new things. Now I am training skateboarding.

County elections 2022

Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia

My Themes:

Mental well-being. We need to fix mental health services and invest in mental well-being. Mental health services must be accessible and timely. I will do everything in my power to ensure immediate access to therapy in Ostrobothnia.


Preventive services. We need to use our money wisely and invest in preventive care and services. As municipalities have a big role in fostering our well-being, it is important to secure cooperation between the wellbeing service county and municipalities. Also, the role of non-profit organizations is priceless. I want to support and enhance this collaboration.


Compassionate and accessible health and social services. I will defend humane and equal treatment of all, from children to the elderly. I stand for a personal nurse/doctor system meaning long-lasting patient care relationships and holistic care.


Your vote can have a healing effect –  vote for number 329 in the County elections in Ostrobothnia!


Information about the elections (voting, safe voting during COVID-19) in the website of the Ministry of Justice.


My themes in the municipal elections 2021:

Climate action!

Climate change is the defining challenge of our times. We need the political will and ambitious action in order to limit Global Warming to 1.5°C and save our planet for our children. Sustainable Vaasa is carbon neutral in the 2020s.

Education and children

Investment to education is an investment in to the future. Education and knowledge are the best ways to fight inequality and grow prosperity. The Corona virus has been a severe ordeal for children, young people, and teaching staff. It is now important to provide support for learning and prevent problems before they pile up.


Vaasa should be a good home for everyone. No one should be left alone. I want every individual to have equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.


Mental health and well being

We need adequate comprehensive and low-threshold mental health services. The queues for services are to be cut down.