European elections 2019

My main themes in the European elections are climate action, education & research and fair economy.

Climate action!

Climate change is the defining challenge of our times. We need the political will and ambitious action in order to limit Global Warming to 1.5°C and save our planet for our children. Good news is that the solutions are there:

  • Energy. We have to phase out fossil fuels and invest on renewable energy and new technology. The energy transition will cut pollution, create new opportunities for companies and more jobs.
  • Sustainable transport. We need to invest in railways, connecting European countries and regions with more accessible and affordable trains, including fast and night trains. Funding can be redirected from subsidies for air travel through the introduction of a European flight tax. We do not need new fossil-fuel cars in Europe after 2030.
  • Circular economy. The linear model of throwing away must be replaced with a circular economy – creating more value and using fewer resources. Circular economy will help us consume smarter!

Education and research

Investment to education is an investment in to the future and a key for Europe to success – for people to improve their lives, understand the world and engage in society, for companies to thrive and innovate, and for building functioning democracy. Let’s make Europe the world leader in education and research!

  • Research. Let’s increase funding for independent research and innovation considerably to build new solutions to the defining challenge of our times.
  • free and accessible education for all to reduce education inequality.
  • Education. Education and knowledge are the best ways to fight inequality and grow prosperity. In the long run, the Finnis model of free and accessible education should be brought to all Europe.
  • Internationalization period. The Erasmus+ exchange funding needs to be fostered in order to enable people from all backgrounds to work, train or study in another country.

Fair economy

We must take action to move towards more sustainable economy and tax justice.

  • Taxing. Taxation of pollution is a good way to move towards a more sustainable economy. EU should require Member States to raise taxes on fossil fuels and consider environmental taxes at the European level, for example on flights and plastics.
  • Tax justice. We must take stronger measures to close tax havens, fight evasion and tax avoidance, both outside and inside the Union. More harmonization on what is taxed and how, such as a minimum corporate tax rate, is needed to reduce harmful competition between Member States. Requirements for multinational companies to report publicly where they pay taxes must be strengthened.
  • Corporate responsibility. We need an ambitious new corporate responsibility law that requires companies to exercise due diligence throughout their supply chain to make sure human rights are actualized and to enhance sustainable development.

Voting in Finland

Who has the right to vote? https://vaalit.fi/en/right-to-vote-and-compilation-of-the-voting-register4

A person entitled to vote may vote either

1) in advance, 15th to 21st of May (may be done at any general advance polling station) OR 

2) on election day 26th of May (you can only vote at the polling station where you are registered as voter on the electoral roll)

To find the advance polling stations, check: https://www.aanestyspaikat.fi/